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Transferring and handling

The production line is all of the machines or fabrication means needed to produce a product. ATI Solutions produces complete production lines that include: Assembly machines, transformation machines, conveyors, handling means, robot systems, etc.

All of the lines we produce are made up of connecting parts like logic controllers, operator consoles, assembly means (screwing, gluing, etc.), computer stations, and vision.


Grippers and operator assistance

ATI Solutions can design, manufacture, and assemble simple grippers made from standard components and special grippers for unique applications.


In order to optimize processes, ATI Solutions designs, produces, and integrates conveying solutions.
ATI Solution offers and develops solutions for transporting, storing, diverging, merging, grouping, and loading parts into industrial machines.


Turning gears, positioners, and special equipment

ATI Solutions designs and produces ground-based positioning and handling equipment like manual and motorized welding turning gears, vertical and horizontal positioners, 1-axle and 2-axle positioners.
Our equipment facilitates operations like welding, punching, assembly, and maintenance. It enables increased productivity by greatly facilitating turning operations, limiting hassle and improving safety.