Our solutions

ATI Solutions, which specializes in complex industrial systems, designs and manufactures special machines, robotic equipment, production tools, testbeds and test assemblies based on specifications defined with the client.

For any specific or general request, see our turnkey solutions. From specifications to research, fabrication, assembly, tuning, and installation, ATI designs tailor-made solutions.

ATI Études

  • Mechanical design.
  • Research and automation.
  • Cost optimization
  • Design tools: Solidworks, AutoCAD, and Draftsight.

ATI Automatismes

  • Industrial electricity
  • Automation
  • Industrial computing
  • Vision and Robotics

ATI Réalisations


  • Machining, prototypes, and small batches
  • Assembly, wiring, and pipe laying
  • Controls and tuning
  • On-site installation