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Our quality policy

The company's leading resource is the skills, expertise, and sense of responsibility of the men and women who make it up, regardless of their position or task. The company's performance and recognition stem from both the quality of its products and the services dispensed by ATI Solutions.

In an environment where staying competitive is vital and in order to fulfill the needs expressed by our clients, whether explicitly or implicitly, it is essential to have in place an effective quality management system in keeping with market realities. The internal quality system that we've developed is based on the ISO 9001 standard.

Enacting it requires the involvement and motivation of our entire staff, with the goals of :

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  • Continual improvement of our services' compliance
  • Adherence to timeframes both for responding and for delivering our products
  • Creating safe products that comply with standards and directives
  • Improving the effectiveness of each department
  • Developing shared expertise
  • Reducing and managing costs

Our quality manager and the quality committee are responsible for setting up the tracking of the quality management system within the company. They all have the responsibility and authority to ensure that the quality requirements are constantly being implemented and if need be, carry out actions that seem necessary to them.

The quality system will be operated and tracked through audits, regular quality meetings, management reviews, and monitoring the quality indicators that exist or will be put in place for changes in occasional parameters.

Besides the quality approach goal, we are committed to providing all of the resources needed for the set objectives to succeed or to redefine them while giving precedence to a work climate favorable to teamwork, to the development of individual skills, to innovation, creativity, and personal initiative.

We're counting on you to actively participate in this progress-oriented approach, which is a major asset for meeting the challenges encountered at ATI Solutions.