ATI Réalisations

ATI Réalisations


At its workshops (1000 and 800 m²), ATI Solutions has everything it needs for fabrication. Fabrication and assembly are checked at each phase of the project.



Our achievements expertise :

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ATI Solutions has an internal production shop. It makes it possible to handle fabrication emergencies and adopt changes that are needed during the assembly and tuning of its equipment.
Our machining resources :
  • Wire erosion
  • Erosion by sinking
  • Digital milling machines
  • Jig borer
  • Lathe
  • Surface grinder
  • Pillar drill
  • Shot-peening
  • Cutting mode
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Assembly, piping, and wiring

Carried out in the production shop, assembly is performed by qualified, experienced personnel.
Staff :
  • 1 production manager
  • 3 assemblers
  • 3 tuners
Our handling equipment :
  • 2 Overhead cranes
  • 1 forklift
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Testing and tuning

In order to validate its equipment, ATI Solutions has testing and control resources.
Our testing and control resources :
  • Romer Armony 3D control
  • Mitutoyo height gauge
  • Traditional control means
  • Spot welding machine
  • Spot welding clamps
  • Equipment intended for testing and tuning (cooler, dryer, etc.)
  • Measurement and acquisition equipment (force, pressure, flow, speed, etc.).
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ATI Solutions helps its clients retrofit machines and testbeds. Such operations require a discussion at the client's site to take into account all of your production system's technical, ergonomic, and optimization needs.
  • Adhering to standards (electrical, safety)
  • Increasing capacity
  • Improving performance